Born Tired by Jhené Aiko

 Born Tired

How many times have you listened to a song? I have had Born Tired by Jhene Aiko on repeat for the umpteenth time and I still cannot get enough of it. The melody and lyrics resonate so deeply with me right now because I am dead ass tired.

Sometimes fatigue seeps deep within your bones past the physical, touching soul. That is the kind of tiredness that sticks with you even after a good night’s sleep. It is a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual fatigue. I think we are all experiencing that type of tired especially because COVID keeps reminding us that life is not back to normal like we thought it would be- like we want it to be. 

More than that, you may find yourself tired due to other circumstances that are beyond your control, but you keep going. 

“I’m tired but I’m fired up.” 

It does not matter how tired you are, somehow somewhere you find the strength to keep going. Let your family be your fire- your kid, your loved one, that smile, laughter, breath, yourself. At the end of the day, remember not to give up. It is okay to be tired and you should acknowledge it and work to rest but, most importantly, don’t give up. Stay fired up and get up and keep pushing through. 


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