When you 
can no longer 
run away from the pain 
feel it, face it and let IT run 
through you
-Wanda M. Toby

I distinctly remember when I was swirling in the pits of darkness, I wanted to avoid the pain or at the very least mask it. At the time, I seriously considered hiding behind antidepressants and probably would have had my counselor not taken a good assessment of what I needed during that period in my life. I did dampen the pain by being so busy that I did not have time to feel. Nevertheless, your feelings and emotions and thoughts and body and mind and spirit find a way and a time to confront you with what ails your soul. At the end of it all, you will control the pain or it will control you.  Your mind, body, and soul want to help the healing process but we have to face the problem. The bravery to this is within you. You can do it. You can get through it.


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