Google That *hit

I would like someone to start a dialog with me like this, " Wanda, I was researching the history of police brutality on black people in this country and I have a few questions." Instead, people want you to tell them about black on black crime and why don't black people care about that. Or they talk about statistics that they have gathered that are curated with the intent of pushing certain agendas. Or they ask for me to educate them on certain issues without doing one ounce of research.

In this day and age, if you really want to have a constructive conversation and really want to learn, you will do your part. Not only will you do your part, but you will be open to listening instead of preparing for your rebuttal to dispute and discredit not only the information that I have presented but also my actual experiences. 

I understand why some people do not want to engage in this fact-finding mission. It is tiresome. We are tired. We be tired. We stay tired. Do not come at us with these tired ass questions and tired ass positions. It is just an indication that you may be stuck and are not really interested in growth. 

With everything going on, we do not have time for that. I do not have time for that. I am busy taking care of my wellbeing, my family's wellbeing whiling working on maintaining my sense of self. The level of stress management and mindfulness that is needed does not leave time to play with you. Let us have a conversation after you have Googled that shit. 

Stress less tip: If it does not serve you or bring you a sense of peace or accomplishment, do not engage. It is okay. 


Alicia said…
Ask me about the history of policing blacks in America. I'm going to say-give me your number then send them the John Oliver segment on police brutality on blacks in America.

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