Now, about that Dishwasher?

Not to brag or anything but I use my dishwasher after big events at my house. I know! It is amazing. Like what Haitian does that. There are a few of us out there who have stepped out into the unknown and ventured into the world of using the dishwasher. It is insane. Most Haitian households have a dishwasher as a decorative piece in the kitchen. In turn, most Haitian American households are the same. Until recently, I have been one of those. But NOT ANYMORE! I am breaking free, sort of.

Now there are those that have completely gone rouge and use their dishwasher regularly. I mean like weekly. 🤯 I do not know what kind of breed of Haitians these people are but I want to learn from them. I have questions. What made you want to go against the cultural norm? More importantly, how does one go about this?

When you have one single dirty dish do you put it in the dishwasher all by it's lonesome until there are more? How do you fight the urge to just wash it? Even still, when there are a few dishes in the sink, how do you rinse and not just continue washing it? I am in awe. So many people are taking big bold steps this season. Step out with me. Let us use our dishwasher regularly. Yes, not just the one time when we have enough dishes to fill two washers but we somehow manage to get them in the one but more frequently.

You can do it. Join me. Step out of your comfort zone. Use the dishwasher more than once a quarter.

Stress Less Tip: Use technology to your advantage. If it makes life easier, use it. 


Fmyers1920 said…
I use to wash my dishes and then put them in the dish washer. As my family grew so did my disdain for washing dishes. Now I use the dish washer daily. I have enough to do in life. I refuse to do dishes as well.

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