General Hospital's Luke and Laura Wedding Redux Top Ten Moments

With such a monumental occasion I had to do a top ten moments of the magical Luke and Laura wedding redux. This was classic GH at its best.

10. The vets. Robert, Bobby, Tracy, Allen, Monica, Luke, Laura and Sonny all in one day all, in one place, all looking stunning.

9. Lucky sober and fine and Nicholas just fine.

8. Maxie- I just love to hate her. Her back drop presence definitely made the wedding redux even more soapy. The looks between Lucky and Liz were touching. Maxie’s presence and her catching the bouquet added that extra edge to the event.

7. Location, location, location. My my the scenery at the Q’s back yard was amazing. Lila must have sent some climate conditions from heaven to create such a beautiful location with palm trees, waterfalls, and all the tropical fixings.

6. Laura was a stunningly beautiful bride even if it was bittersweet due to her eventual return to catatonia.

5. Tracey admitting that Luke loves Laura and always will. There were moments in the last couple of weeks that proved disturbing as if they were trying to make Luke completely get over Luara. It was nice for Tracy to admit what the fans already know.

4. The photo segment. First off this was hilarious especially with the expressions of happiness then wonderment at the shenanigans of Maxie. Luke putting his arms around Nicholas for the family picture was heartwarming. The whole photo segment was definitely a wonderful addition.

3. Squawking crows. Was I the only one that heard the crows squawking as Helena appeared both times. That was indeed priceless.

2. The Tracey trip. When asked if there were any objections, Tracey got up prepared to speak her peace but was tripped by Monica and then Alice carted her off after which Laura asked Luke if he saw that and her responded that he only saw her. Then Tracy wa bound, gagged, and locked in a closet. Again, priceless.

1. The final montage with Ric busting the wedding reception and getting shoved around by Carly; Jason, Sam, and Geek Boy getting into a bomb rigged vehicle; and Liz hearing of the potential ambush and promptly fainting pulling linen and glassware down with her for maximum effect was the best scene in this November sweeps.


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