Into the Unknow

2020 here I come.

Everyone is making all these promises about how 2020 is going to be. How they are going to take control of their lives, and be better and do better and flourish and conquer it all.  I have not made a New Year's resolution since I was in college (which was quite some time ago), so I won't be making any false promises about what 2020 is going to look like for me or what new leaves I am going to turn over. I am going to simply focus on enjoying the moments that have passed and be in the moment that is.

However, if there is one thing that 2019 and every year before it has taught me is that you will never know what to expect. I recently watched Frozen II and absolutely loved it. I enjoyed the song that Elsa sang about going into the unknown. She was willing to brave whatever was going to come her way even though she did not know what to expect and, at one point, was a little fearful of it. In reality, it is what we do every single day.

That is how I am busting into 2020. I shall be belting, "Into the unknown ..." loudly and proudly as I move on to conquer the year. And by conquer, I figure if I make it to the end with my health, love of my family, and sanity intact, then I have not only conquered it but reveled in it. Honestly, how could you not? That is how I feel about 2019. There were so many ups and downs that I could not even begin to anticipate.

The fact that I am at the tail end of it, ready to celebrate the coming in of a new decade is a testament to the resilience and triumph I have experience. I do not want to take that for granted and I do not want any of us to take that for granted. Give your self props for seeing it through even if it is not the way you would have liked.

2019 is over and you did that! You came through it! You are not only seeing the coming of a new year be the dawn of a new decade. Reflect on what you have triumphed over. Give yourself credit and get ready to go into the unknown, knowing that you got this.

2020, let's do this!


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