Get Yourself Centered

Have you ever felt unbalanced? Lately, I have been feeling completely off'. Little accidents keep happening that are not too significant in themselves but when you stream them together, they cause an ongoing irritation to my spirit. I accept that being an only parent of two teenagers comes with its built-in level of chaos. I am accustomed to a certain amount of craziness in my life; however, this nagging disturbance is apart from that.
The highest levels of performance come to people who
are centered, intuitive, creative, and reflective - people who
know to see a problem as an opportunity. -Deepak Chopra

Yesterday I came home from the grocery store with some glass items. I ended up dropping the bag and two of the containers shattered, leaving a complete mess. The day before I hurt myself on two separate occasions in silly clumsy accidents. The day before that, I completely ended up at a different destination than I had originally intended and had to backtrack.

When situations like this manifest in my life in succession, it give me pause. If your life is in a constant state of mishap and chaos, you have to take a step back and ask yourself why. This is not a blame game. It is not to point the finger at a particular person or even yourself. The purpose of posing yourself this question is to help you practice mindfulness in your life. The question is to prompt introspection and force you to pause.

I realized that I have to pause. In taking this assessment, the first thing I know that I must do is organize my personal space. Intuitively, I know that when my bedroom is in disarray, that mess somehow seeps into my life. It works its way into the simple daily tasks, ever so slowly so I would not notice, but I noticed. Therefore, before I embark on getting myself back on track, I need to somehow muster up enough energy to straighten up and organize my bedroom.

Once I do that, I am going to take myself to a reiki class or at least follow a guided meditation. I will have to commit to about 30 minutes daily for a week or so which honestly should be a lifelong practice, but baby steps. This will help clear my mind which in turn will bring into focus what is most important in my life. I will remind myself of how fortunate I am and practice gratitude.

The aforementioned can be broken down into five simple steps as follows:
Five easy steps to help you recenter yourself.
  1. Recognize that you are off-balance
  2. Take a step towards action, attacking one thing that you can change.
  3. Clear your mind whether it be through meditation, journaling, talking to a friend, listening to music, etc. Direct yourself and your energies on whatever can take your mind off of negative or stressful thoughts. 
  4. Focus on what's important in your life
  5. Practice gratitude for them
Try it out and let me know how it works for you. If you liked this article please share.


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