Too many tired stereotypes live 'In the Motherhood'

In the Motherhood is getting bad reviews all around. This sitcom about mothers’ daily lives was created for ABC from the popular webisodes of the same title. You know how the cavemen from Geico flopped on television? Well this might be the direction In the Motherhood is headed towards if something does not change. I was actually hoping that this was going to be a hit only because I am a mom, who gets a little crazy sometimes and could relate. I do like the cast (Megan Mullally, Jessica St. Claire, and Cheryl Hines) that they pulled together for this project also. Unfortunately, I do not know when I will be able to watch it and judge for myself. By that time the show might be off the air if it tanks really bad. I am hoping it does not though. The cast ensemble seems like they would be fun to watch.

Too many tired stereotypes live 'In the Motherhood'
It also may be why "In the Motherhood" (7 pm Thursday, WLS-Ch. 7) worked as a Web series based on real-life stories, but not, it would seem, as a television ...


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