High School Musical ... Again?

Okay, I have watched the first two. I have the first High School Musical DVD at home (it’s for my daughter *wink*). I wasn’t too crazy about the second installment, and from what my niece tells me, the third one was so much better than both the first and second installments of High School Musical that plan on watching it in the next couple of weeks … I mean, my daughter and I will be watching it, and we are so excited. Did I mention that my daughter is only three?

Here’s the thing, just like there was something about Grease with Olivia Newton John and John Travolta and the rest of the cast that made the movie special to me, there was just something about the quirky cast of High School Musical that endeared itself to my teeny-bopper-movie-loving heart. A new cast could be very tricky and has not really worked with any of the remakes of this magnitude. Vanessa Hudgen’s sparkling eyes and Zac Efron’s confused gaze made High School Musical a touch real in lala land. Will they get a Corbin Bleu look-a-like with the crazy hair?

Now, it will air on the Disney channel, and by the time 2010 comes around, there will be a new crop of tweeny boppers to attract which might actually allow the success of this franchise can keep on rolling. I think, I will be more curious about the careers of the High School Musical’s first go around. I could see one of them coming back to High School Musical 6.8 to be a teacher or something.

'High School Musical 4' Set For Next Year
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I'm sorry, but I cannot resist the pun: turns out we're still all in this together. High School Musical will stage a return to television screens, with Disney giving the go signal to a fourth installment, back as a Disney Channel Original Movie to hit ...

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