Amy Winehouse charged with assault

I am just going to come right out and say it. That child needs Jesus. Every time Amy Winehouse pops up in the news it is for something crazy. The chick is troubled but it is unfortunate that she might have to hit rock bottom before she gets herself together.

What I like most about artist is not hearing about the trouble and drama that they can get themselves into and get out of because of the ridiculous amount of money they have. I like seeing them take their craft to the next level. I like wondering how will they top themselves with the next project or seeing them comeback from disaster like Mariah Carey and the Iron Man dude (can’t come up with his name right now lol and yes, I am leaving it, ya’ll know who I’m talking about). I like hearing about the charity work that they do and how they give back to the world. However entertaining their drama is, it only contributes to their destruction if they don’t change. Then they fade off into oblivion and all that potential and talent that was put into them is wasted. Get a grip, happiness can be got without chaos.

Amy Winehouse charged with assault
Entertainment Weekly - ‎2 hours ago‎
The AP is reporting that a London police spokesman says that Amy Winehouse has been charged with assault after after an alleged incident involving a fan at ...


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