The Drug Lord vs. The White Collar Thief

Here is the deal; this guy steals over 50 billion dollars. His wife manages to put some away in an account with only her name on it right before the roof is blow off their house of cards, and now wants to keep some of that money. WHAT! Ruth Madoff, the wife of now infamous Bernie Madoff (probably the most hated rich dude behind Enron Exec around), is claiming that her money does not have anything to do with the fraud. Hmmm, let’s see … your husband (because there is no way you had anything to do with it) stole over 50 billion dollars and you are claiming that your 7 million dollar apartment and about 62 million dollar assets did not some way some how come from that pot of 50 BILLION.

My eyes are rolling so hard right now.

Now, let’s be clear. I do not approve of stealing or drug dealing. However, had Madoff been a drug lord, all his stuff (wife’s or not) would have been seized first and questions asked later. There is not way that the Drug Lord Madoff would be sitting in his penthouse waiting for a trial. He might be sitting somewhere but surely not his house because that would have been confiscated with a quickness. Not the Investor Madoff, he gets to chill.

She should not get to keep the house or the money. It is amazing to me that after all they have done, there is still a level of entitlement there. The only thing they are entitled to is to face the people they duped for all these years.

Bernie Madoff's wife says swindled investors shouldn't get any of
New York Daily News
BY Thomas Zambito Broken victims of her husband's suspected Ponzi scheme are fighting for pennies on the dollar, but Ruth Madoff says $62 million she squirreled away is none of their business. Lawyers for accused swindler Bernie Madoff claim the money ...


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