Officially done in Dallas, what's next for Terrell Owens?

When a person gets fired from a job or leaves a job on bad terms, he usually knows that he cannot put that employer on his application as a reference. Then he has to deal with explaining his last employment if he chooses not to disclose it. The common rule in the land of the lay people is to leave a job on good terms if you can help it; don’t burn bridges.

Things are different in the world of entertainment and sports though. First of all, a person cannot really choose to keep his last employer secret because it is front page news along with statistics of how well he did and video tape of his actions. So there is not secret there. If he is that good and upfront with the situation then another employer is willing to take the risk.

Terrell Owens has spent the better part of his career burning bridges because he acts more like a petulant child than a grown working man. Some people just aren’t meant to function in the real world. Obviously, God gave TO skills on the football field to compensate for his mouth. Maybe he could learn to shut his trap for two seconds and go with the flow. There really is something to be said about being humble. Now he is knocking 36 and looking for work. Yes, he still got skills but his mouth runs faster that he does. There already compiling list of teams that do not want him. That seems like an awful way to start the search for a new happy-until-TO-is-unhappy home.

Officially done in Dallas, what's next for Terrell Owens?
USA Today - ‎15 hours ago‎
By Jarrett Bell, USA TODAY The Dallas Cowboys' stunning release of Owens fuels a wide range of speculation regarding the market for an aging, mercurial and now-unemployed receiver with a track record for fostering poor locker room chemistry. ...


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