House band the Roots bring a new style to 'Late Night'

The Roots is the house band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and I got a chance to catch them in action. I wish the critics would get off Jimmy Fallon’s back and at least give him a chance. He is a little quirky and takes some adjusting but we had to deal with Conan’s hair for all these years, I think we can cut Fallon some slack until he gets himself together. I have caught the show on several occaisions and he is entertaining. He is not as smooth and at ease as David Letterman but he will get better at it. His jokes aren’t as funny as Jay Leno’s but he’ll get better at that too. His brand of humor may take some adjustment but I think what he has done so far is enjoyable.

House band the Roots bring a new style to 'Late Night'
In short, the greatest revelation of the early stages of NBC's "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" was that it's wholly plausible that the Roots are funnier than ...


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