MacGyver Coming to the Big Screen

What do you all know about that MacGyver? He was right up there with the A-Team, making a way out of no way except he was a one-man show. Now who will they get to play MacGyver? Not to type cast him but Matt Damon would be good. He might be a little too young though.

Okay, so here’s my list (age is fudged a bit)
Matt Damon
James Franco
Brendon Fraser
Matthew McConaughey
Viggo Mortensen
I’m sure there’s a lot more but I can’t think of any.

MacGyver Coming to the Big Screen
Innovative soldier MacGyver is getting the Hollywood treatment, with a feature film confirmed as being in development. The TV show ran for 7 years, starring Richard Dean Anderson. Two made-for-TV films were also made after it was cancelled. ...


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