Designer Baby, anyone?

Let’s make a baby. Literarily, let’s make the perfect baby. We can pick out the sex, the eye color, and make him perfect, just like Gattaca.

Can you imagine being able to design your baby? Personally, I can and I can’t. I would not mind picking the sex for my second and third child. Anything else would just be too weird. Recently, I had a friend who didn’t want to know the sex of her baby and I did not even understand her. That is something I would want to know from conception. However, when we start determining eye color and other features, it gets too weird.

There are so many idiosyncrasies that bind together to make a little person that we would mess it up. Our imaginations are just not that deep. Baby’s would all start to look the same; one sex would beat out the other. Discrimination would pale in comparison to what a natural child would have to go through when competing next to a special “designer” child. Of course we are not there yet, but isn’t this little adventure just the start. We allow people with money to start determining features of their children, then not only do they get the advantages the money affords them but now they have super babies.

Maybe my imagination is just to vivid but Gattaca does come to mind when I hear about being able to pick sex and eye color of a baby. There’s just something not right about it. In the long run, we would mess it up because our knowledge, imagination, and foresight are ultimately limited.
Pick a color, any color
San Francisco Chronicle
Do you want a blue-eyed boy? Or how about a brown-eyed girl? She would certainly look fabulous in a chocolate-brown onesie with pink piping. Los Angeles 's Fertility Clinic has offered parents the opportunity to pay about $18500 to select the gender of ...

Designer baby plan nixed for now by fertility clinic
Chicago Tribune ‎
The fertility clinic operator who grabbed headlines with his promise to help parents create “designer babies” has backed away from the plan—for the moment.


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