Andrew McCarthy joins "Gossip Girl" spinoff

Although, I have not been able to watch it regularly this season, I just love Gossip Girl. Most of the time, I am scratching my head in wonderment at how these little high school kids can lead lives that are more adult than most people that I know. I have this thing about watching kids navigate through their cruel social structure. In the real world, people are a little more subtle and passive aggressive; but in the world of tweens and teens it is brutal. They do not hide much and if they do, you better believe it is part of some greater plan.

Now there is going to be a spinoff? I am so excited if not a little skeptical. Obviously, it won’t have the same flavor but a young rich Lily had got to be interesting. If the premiere hooks me then they may have a chance.

Andrew McCarthy joins "Gossip Girl" spinoff
By Nellie Andreeva LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Andrew McCarthy has joined the cast of the "Gossip Girl" spinoff, playing Lily Rhodes' father, Rick, ...


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