Who wants a flat belly?

I do! Who doesn’t? The dieting and cosmetic surgery industries are making billions off our desperate need to look hot and sexy like some barely 20 college kid with the curves in all the right places.

Personally, no one puts pressure on me by myself. I look at my barely 20 college days and think dang, she was fine. Two-kids, a slower metabolism, and many years later I am trying to make a plan to get my work out on. Nevertheless, that is totally on me. Now, if I was a star with millions on hand, the expectation would be different. First off, I should not have to complain because I have the money and the time to do all that I can to get my flat belly back. People expect it and I need to keep getting work to maintain my cash flow and my stardom. I know it is pretty sad.
How about if I’m not even a celebrity? I’m just a celebrity’s wife. Now, my celeb husband is pretty darn fine and he is running around doing videos with those barely 20 college girls that don’t even know what body fat is. Not to mention, I just popped out another little baby. Now, you know how hormones can get during that time.

Tameka Foster is a beautiful woman, but apparently not beautiful enough. Recently she suffered cardiac arrest due to anesthesia because she was having a little nip and tuck done. Is there a problem with getting a little nip and tuck? There could be, if your mind is not right. In this case, I have to say that Tameka Foster’s mind was not quite right. Why? Well, she just had a baby only 8 weeks prior. What would prompt a new mother to leave her little one behind and go to some developing country to get nipped and tucked?

I have the answer for that. You can decide what you want to, but let’s be clear; I am not trying to be funny. I am dead serious when I tell you why I think, Tameka Foster felt the need to leave her new born child (Usher’s 2nd child) to get a cosmetic surgery done. So, you tell me, after viewing this video if I am out of line?

Usher - Trading Places
Now the video is hot. I mean if-you-are-single-and-you-trying-to-do-right,-you-might-not-want-to-watch-this-video hot. I'm talking about call-your-husband-and-tell-him-to-meet-you-at-the-house-nekid-hot (and yes, I meant nekid.)!

Here I Stand


shelial said…
When you're older, the body doesn't bounce back like it once did. Trying to keep up with younger women can be the death of her(as it almost was in her case.)
Me said…
That's what I'm saying. She is 38 and looks good. She did not have to rush to a surgeon.

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