Microsoft CEO Still Sees Possible Yahoo Deal

The first time Microsoft made a bid for Yahoo, it was seen as such a bad thing. Here is this big bad company trying to take over the little guy. In terms of my day to day, Yahoo is hardly a little guy but never the less, in comparison to the Microsoft giant, Yahoo is a dwarf. When they flat out declined, faught (however you choose to see it) the bid, it seemed as if David had just defeated Goliath. In the aftermath though, it seemed more like David might actually need Goliath. So, is there a future for Microsoft and Yahoo? Since Ballmer has not given up on the idea and it has not been smooth sailing for Yahoo, I think we might see this marriage or at least a long-term committed relationship actually take place in order to continue competition with Google.

Microsoft CEO Still Sees Possible Yahoo Deal
CNNMoney.comBy Nat Worden Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said Thursday that a search partnership with Yahoo Inc. (YHOO) remains a compelling prospect and an important step to better compete with Google Inc. (GOOG). "Over time, there's still a


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