John Legend Just Kicked Beyonce Out

I just got John Legend's Evolver as a gift and, to be honest, was not all that excited about it. But when I popped that sucker into my music player it was done. There are seven reasons why you should cop Evolver: tracks 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13 and bonus track 14. I wish I had time for long reviews like a used to do because I would break it down for you. Just trust when I say that Evolver is hot. Now the other tracks are good too. There is only one song that I could totally do without and that is the third track, 'It's Over' f/ Kanye West. I skip over that one every time and the intro of course.

I was rocking that Beyonce, I Am Sasha Fierce, for a minute but it kept ticking me off with 3 songs on one disk and 3 on a second one (I'm exaggerating a bit but it might as well have been that way). Now, I'm hooked on John Legend for a while.


PeggyG said…
You're right...john Legend's new CD is rocking..he's even better in Concert!!!
Anonymous said…
I am envious. I have yet to see him in concert.
Anonymous said…
John Legend Brixton Academy Slow Dance Pt 2 9 March

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