Michael Jackson is at it Again

No he is not entertaining little boys in his home that we know of. He is trying to go on tour though. Apparently, he has received the medical green light and is free to get his dancing on. I love the MJ of old. I’m not even talking about the one with a broader nose and some color. I’m talking about the “Remember the Time” MJ, the bashing up cars and then turning into a panther MJ.

Invincible just missed the mark, and then he went and started sharing his lunacy with the world. I liked it when I could disillusion myself with the idea that MJ was not as wacko as everyone thought. I could let it slide with a, “Oh, he’s just misunderstood.” Then Michael had to start climbing trees, dancing on an SUV in front of the court house, go on crazy shopping sprees in the middle of the night, and giving his kids masks and what not. Why oh why, Michael, did you have to give me proof that you were touched?!

So, now when I am hearing that he is trying to get his tour on, I have mixed emotions. A part of me wants him to just sit his behind down somewhere. Then there is another part that is waiting to see what he will come up with next or can he actually come out with another hit. If you listen to the rumors, he is in needs of cash. Therefore, maybe I will get to find out sooner or later what Michael Jackson is still capable of. The real question is though, do I want to.

Jacko Passes Medical Tests, May Announce Shows Thursday
Michael Jackson has passed the required medical tests so he can perform this summer in London . Jackson - I can tell you exclusively— has no looming diseases or any other physical ailments that would prevent him from getting insurance or making his ...


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