Chris Brown 'cheated on Rihanna' before allege assault

Isn't is ironic? Don't you think? A little too ironic? Yea, I really do think.
This is not even really about Chris Brown and Rihanna. This is really about the irony of the situation. I am trying to figure out what a dude in that situation would be forgiven for first. Do I have to first get over that fact that my boyfriend bust my arse or the fact that he was busted cheating on me, before deciding to get back together with a brother? As if finding out your man is cheating on you isn’t enough, you have to deal with him going Bruce Lee on your butt. So are we waiting for a strike three before the final call?

Chris Brown 'cheated on Rihanna' before allege assault
Melbourne Herald Sun RIHANNA'S discovery that Chris Brown cheated on her with a model is reported to be the reason for their massive row which turned into an assault charge. ...


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