We Better Not Find Out That Cell Phones Cause Cancer!

I’m telling you, years from now we better not start to get reports of how cellular telephone usage can lead to brain cancer or some crazy mess. The situation would far exceed a medical crisis and roll over into the worldwide economy. Two-thirds of the world’s population uses cell phones. That is about 4.1 billion people. Majority of those comes from the astounding mobile phone usage in developing countries. Africa went from approximately 2 percent to 28 percent.

I watched a report about a year ago that said the phones and the plans were made extremely affordable. They showed clips of kids living in squalor but were rocking there cell phones like it was the most normal thing. One hopes that access to this technology will eventual lead to positive growth for these countries whether it be in health care or education, communication is the key.

mocoNews - Report: 4.1 Billion Mobile Subscribers Worldwide Helps ...
Washington Post
There are now 4.1 billion mobile subscriptions in the world, a global penetration rate of 61.1 percent: This compares to 1.270 billion fixed line ...


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