Fox plans reality show for 'average-looking people'

So, Fox is going to do a Bachelor for the big girls. The idea is that the "average" girl needs love too and should have her chance to parade and sell herself and her morals on television like all the skinny little hoochies too.

I'm all for equal opportunity loving, but let's not have equal opportunity exploitation. What I'm saying is, FOX better put on a variety of women on the show and not just a whole bunch of obese women and call it being fair. All women of different shape, size, and color, and whatever else should have the opportunity to make complete fools of themselves, fighting and competing over one guy. Now if they only put plus, plus, plus size women on the show, that would be an up-in-your-face gotcha suckers!

Fox plans reality show for 'average-looking people' called 'More ...
Fox will produce a new reality show for "average looking people" called "More to Love." Yay! It's about time they have real-looking people on TV. Reality TV is out to prove there’s"More to Love" than looks alone. ...


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