Celebu-scent: Halle by Halle Berry

You too can smell like Halle. Well maybe not exactly how Halle Berry is smelling at this particular moment, but you can get her scent. Like all the other stars out there, Halle is putting out her own special scent and it’s called Halle. Look, I’m not even mad at her. If anything, she should have had some diversification popping off a long time ago. Liz Taylor made sure that even though she could not make any more movies, she was going to get paid. Although, Halle had been named the sexiest woman, those looks fade but a good business empire will last years and years after the wrinkles have set in.

I’m all about entrepreneurship. Congratulations Halle. Now, let’s hope it smells as good as Halle looks.
Celebu-scent: Halle by Halle Berry
New York Daily News
Halle Berry, dubbed Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive, is gearing up to unleash her debut perfume, Halle by Halle Berry. And what scent does the woman known ...


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