7 Chicago officers broke rules by letting boy cop go by

This is the craziest thing I have heard in a long time. A 14-year old boy got away with impersonating a police officer for over 5 hours. It went so far that the boy was allowed to go on patrol and actually drive the patrol car. What is the deal with this boy first of all? Was he trying to get attention? He first tried to buy these law enforcement issued radios but failed in that attempt then got some costume and walked right into the police department, pretending to be a cop.

How could the officers not realize that the boy was not one of them? He was wearing a fake badge and it escaped there notice. Are these the same people that are gathering clues in an attempt to solve crimes? Letting a 14-year old out smart them is an embarrassment. Now this boy is either very crafty or is about to be a huge con specialist.

7 Chicago officers broke rules by letting boy cop go by
Chicago Tribune
By Angela Rozas Tribune reporter If he wasn't a fake—and only 14 years old—he might have been considered a pretty good Chicago police officer. Wearing a novelty badge stolen from a South Side uniform shop and almost a complete uniform, ...


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