DVD Releases: Twilight and Bolt

I refuse to watch this until I read the book. Since I do not have the time to devote to reading Twilight, I just might break down. I am trying to hold out though. My niece says it is great though. I listen to 16-year olds now a days. That's how I stay hot. LOL. Okay, I'm lying but she does have pretty good taste.

I actually got to see Bolt this weekend and I really enjoyed it. It is a great movie to watch with the kids. My son is always talking about super powers, so it was nice to talk to him about being a super hero with your spirit instead of super human powers. Since he is only five, he wasn't really feeling me though. He ran around the house trying to blow things up with his eyes. Nicholas loves to say, "I'm just pretending mommy."

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you anything about the special features because I did not get to watch them. Very little time to spare these day.

'Twilight' and 'Bolt' lead new DVD releases
The film is will available DVD on Saturday. The 2008 fan-favorite about teenage vampires will be available on DVD Saturday. ...


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