Anthony says he shouldn't have been suspended

Oh, clueless rich folk. I just love them. There are certain people who just don’t seem to realize that no matter how much money they make they still live in the real world, and although they can get away with breaking some rules, there are some things that you just should not do. In business there is a dirty word that can get a person fired real quick- insubordination. Come on, regular working folk know that. I mean even when they don’t like their boss, they know that the last thing they can afford to do is be insubordinate.

Now here comes this fool, not only being insubordinate, but doing that mess on national television, in front of the world and the entire team! The short of it is that Carmelo Anthony was not playing very well, but just as he got hot, the coach wanted him out. Unfortunately the boy ignored the coach and stayed in the game anyway. What?! That right there just smacks of disrespect. Maybe I should have been watching the game to get a better understanding. However, since I only have the benefit of the news report, I have to say that he was wrong.

This is the problem that some people have right now and they are not cushioned by millions of dollars. It is astounding at how many people actually have no understanding of the basic job-keeping-skills necessary to get ahead. I am speaking from first hand experience as a person who used to do job training for all types of people. If there is anything you know, is that if you want to keep your job, you don’t disrespect your boss. You don’t do it to her face and you definitely don’t do it in front of all the other staff. How could Carmelo Anthony not see how wrong he is?

Anthony says he shouldn't have been suspended
The Associated Press
DENVER (AP) — Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony says he wishes George Karl would have kept his insubordination a secret but promises next time his coach tries to ...


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