The Controversial Barbie

Just when you think it is safe to go to the toy store that dangerous Barbie rears her prettily coiffed head to cause a stir in the perfect little world of her. There is a lawmaker that is taking time to write up a bill to ban Barbie dolls and others like her. He is claiming that he does not like the way little girls are taught to be pretty and not smart, that Barbie promotes negative image about beauty. Why is the person wasting our tax dollars on a bill he admits is not going to get very far? Point taken. You do not like Barbies. Don’t buy them for your kid. Personally, I hate those darn Bratz dolls. My daughter has a basket full (they were a gift and I am slowly getting rid of them *he he he*) that I just can’t wait to get rid of. However, she is not looking at them as a model. You know who she looks to for that? Me and her aunt and her grandmother and the women around her.

I loved Barbie as a child. Never once did I think I couldn’t be smart and pretty at the same time. My mother was around to set me straight. If a doll is going to influence my child to the point where she thinks less of her self then the doll is not the problem. If someone wants to get a doll banned then he better start with television too. Let’s get MTV, BET, VH1 and all these other channels to stop it with there mysoginist, sexist, demeaning, and stereotypical programming. I will say this though, the problem does not start with a song, a television show, a toy or a video game. If I, as a parent, are letting these things mold my child then I have a problem.

I was raised by a single mother with strong family connection and I watched videos, played video games, listened to songs that I shouldn’t have and watched movies I know I shouldn’t have, but I knew I had a family who expected good things out of me, who loved me and cared for me, and all that good stuff. How this delegate spend time coming up with programs that improve parenting or create healthy recreation programming for children. There are a number of things this fool could be doing besides trying to get a doll banned.

W. Va. lawmaker wants to ban sale of Barbie dolls
The Associated Press
CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — Just in time for Barbie's 50th birthday, a West Virginia lawmaker wants to outlaw the doll. Democratic Delegate Jeff Eldridge is ...

New Tattoo Barbie Causes Controversy Among Parents
WFMY News 2
The popular new doll is covered in tattoos as part of Mattel's new spring line. "Totally Stylin' Tattoos" Barbie has some parents pretty upset. ...


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