Sentenced to life - the father who imprisoned, murdered, and raped ...

This is the nasty, dirty, depraved old man who locked his daughter away in a dungeon, raped her, delivered her babies, and killed one through neglect. Now he has six children/grandchildren because he is the father and the grandfather. This went on for 24 years. He said the daughter ran away and she just kept sending her children for them to take care of. Now, I do not want to be mean to his wife but what the heck was she thinking or not thinking in this case? How could this man do all this under her nose? I actually feel sorry for her but I feel worse for the abused daughter and her six children. Since her mother has raised some of them, I am sure that they have to come together somehow to make this less traumatic for the children. I know that I would harbor ill feelings towards my mother, feeling as though she had abandoned me. If that is the case, for the sake of the family and children, she will have to eventually forgive her mother’s role (due to her blind folders) and move on.

The father/grandfather/abuser/rapist/murderer will be sent to a psychiatric prison and live more comfortably than his daughter did over the last 24 years. He may be able to get off in 15 years if, after treating him, they decide he is no longer a threat to society. I say, send him to a prison where all the really bad criminals are and let them have at him. Maybe then justice will be served. In the end there is a special place waiting for him.

Sentenced to life - the father who imprisoned, murdered, and raped ...
Josef Fritzl broke down and confessed after catching sight of his main victim in court. Photograph: Robert Jaeger/AP Josef Fritzl was sentenced to life imprisonment yesterday for incarcerating his daughter in a purpose-built prison beneath the family ...


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