Rapper MIA's baby isn't named Ickitt - it's Ikhyd

I am really trying to be a good person here and not talk about people. What a person names her child is not news to me. However, these people make it hard to stay right. The only reason that this is taking up valuable posting time is because MIA brought this upon herself. Why? Because when this story first came out, she could have just played it cool and kept her mouth shut and go about her business. Instead she chose to address it by saying that her child is not called Ickitt and that the media should go make fun of other weird baby star names and actually named some off. I thought that was in poor taste but, hey, to each your own right.

Now, if she had named her baby Stanley or Howard or Kevin or even Keyshawn or something along those lines this would be a non-issue. On the contrary, she names her child Ikhyd. Ickitt:Ikhyd. Why were you even defending yourself? I am not picking on the child’s name; God bless that baby. It’s just crazy to me that she really felt a need to defend herself then roll out with Ikhyd. I’m just saying …

Rapper MIA's baby isn't named Ickitt - it's Ikhyd
New York Daily News
By Korin Miller The baby's full mouthful of a moniker, Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman, was revealed on his birth certificate obtained by TMZ. The tiny tot was was born to the 33-year-old rapper and her fiance, The Exit guitarist Benjamin Brewer, on Feb. ...


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