Chris Brown's 'booty call' in Rihanna beating blamed on manager ...

And the plot just get’s thicker and thicker with this situation. So Chris Brown has "allegedly" (another favorite word of mine that just tickles me when I get to use it) been sleeping with his soon-to-be 40 year-old manager. I tell you, there’s some producer somewhere right now with pen and paper in hand, making sure she doesn’t miss any details. Trust, this is a movie unfolding right before our eyes. Which is really a sad situation. However, if it brings to light the dangers in being a battered woman then at least some small amount of good may come out of it.

I’m not trying to take any responsibility away from anyone in this situation but just because a child is making money does not mean that child is grown. Obviously some parental guidance have been missing in this kid's life for things to get to this point. Now he is getting advice from every character in the world and some of them might not be by his side for the most altruistic reasons.

Chris Brown's 'booty call' in Rihanna beating blamed on manager ...
New York Daily News - ‎6 hours ago‎
BY Nancy Dillon Chris Brown,19, and manager Tina Davis, 39. Davis allegedly sent a 'booty call' text message to Brown that triggered his brawl with Rihanna on Feb. 8. LOS ANGELES - The sexy text message that detonated the bloody brawl between Chris ...


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