Isaiah Washington facing eviction from LA home?

Truth be told, I have not seen Isaiah Washington in too many projects lately. That does not mean that the man hasn’t been getting paid. I just haven’t seen the fruits of his labor which as an actor or director that might not be a good thing. Now he allegedly owes $100,000 for unpaid rent. Who needs to pay rent to the tune of $20,000 per month? There are several foolish things going on here that baffles my mind. First off, why is he paying rent at all? I do not care if this is his third or fourth home. Why pay rent when, at the time, he could have made the investment to purchase? Secondly, $20,000 per month! Ever heard of downsizing?

That right there is indicative or our problem, as a country. We are trying to keep up with the Jones so much that it leads us to make foolish decisions. Now, if he can no longer afford to pay $20,000 per month the rent, he should move out. Personally, I think there are some missing pieces to this story. Nevertheless, it is not like he got fired from Grey’s Anatomy yesterday. Once he was canned from Grey’s then from Bionic Woman, he should have reevaluated and moved down to something … hmmmm, I don’t know … something at about $10,000 per month. Does that not seem logical? Instead, all his business is being put out there.

The problem is that this situation does not lend well to his already tarnished reputation. The man is working and should either be paying his bills or making changes to where the owner does not plaster your business all over the news.

Isaiah Washington facing eviction from LA home?
Isaiah Washington could be evicted from his residence if he doesn't pay five months of rent totaling $100000, according to multiple reports ...

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