Not everyone can get an iPhone

If Bill Gates if your father, forget about getting an iPhone, iPod, or iAnything for that matter. He is Mr. Microsoft and I cannot blame him, no matter how cool the kids might think it is, for banning the Apple products from his home.

Let me own a McDonalds and my kids come up in my house with a Burger King Whopper. They better think twice especially when I can get them any kind of burger they could possible want. Bill Gates can get his kids any kind of tech toy they could want. The only reason they would have a need for the iPhone is to fill in their cool factor.

Look, I want and iPhone but not because I am actually going to utilize all of its cool functions. I just want it because of the brand awareness and the “cool” factor associated with the brand. Now, how about Microsoft put out something better than the iPhone and make things interesting.

As far as the iPod goes, I think the Zune is pretty cool. The only problem is that since it doesn’t have the brand association and “cool” factor like the iPhone, it should not be priced a little lower. I can’t see myself paying the same for a Zune as I would an iPhone, which I why I have neither. I am rocking a nice Phillips GoGear mp3 player that is working great for me.

Bill Gates Has Banned The iPhone From His House
InformationWeek - ‎
According to a recent interview given by Melinda Gates, wife of Microsoft pioneer Bill Gates, Apple's iPhone and iPod are two devices that are not permitted in the Gates household. I think the quote says it all. Speaking to Vogue magazine, ...


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