Obama makes Special Olympics crack on Leno

Obama did a great job on Leno last night. He mentioned that the banking industry needs to be reformed which was one of the issues that detractors were saying he was not focusing on. He talked about a lot of issues and made some encouraging statements and took responsibility for dealing with the current issues in the economy. Everything was going great until he made a passing remark about Special Olympics. It happened so fast that he did not have a chance to catch himself. As soon as Special Olympics came out of his mouth, I cringed. I could actually tell from his nonverbal language that he knew he just made a booboo. Truth be told, it wasn’t so bad but he is the President of the United States and just can’t afford to be politically in correct. So what are they focusing on this morning? The blunder. Forget that he handled himself fabulously and all the issues that he touched upon. Now, there is this negative aspect to focus on and let us hone in on it and break it down every which way. Can’t you just see the sound bites being collected for the next election circus?

Obama makes Special Olympics crack on Leno
(NECN: Prat Thakkar) - President Obama's appearance on NBC's The Tonight Show was the first ever by a sitting president. The interview with host Jay Leno touched on serious topics as well as those considered lighthearted, such as the bowling alley in ...


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