The Hypocrisy of Facebook

Now that I am using Facebook, I am a little more aware of related headlines. The article is very interesting and I can completely see why some of the issues with Facebook can be a problem for all of its users. It is easy to ignore these things when it does not affect you until one day you go to log into your account and it has been closed for some obscure reason. The fixes seem very easy: basically, disclose everything in detail up front. LOL Wait, that seems funny when talking about a business in this day in age of AIG, Ponzi schemes and failing banks. Hmmm, maybe it is not so easy after all.

The Hypocrisy of Facebook
PC World - ‎9 hours ago‎On the outside Facebook may look like any other social networking site, however beyond the facade lay in my opinion a blatant hypocrisy.


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