LiteVi Stress & Wellness

Stress and Wellness Workshops
Open and free to the Broward community.

Let’s Talk about Stress

The stress and wellness workshops will focus on wellness as well as laughter yoga. Each session will feature stress management education, discussion about stress-related wellness as well as a focus on stress-relieving tips/activities. Sessions may or may not feature a guest speaker and will close with laughter exercises. Laughter yoga is incorporated as laughter is a very effective way of relieving stress and provides other wellbeing benefits. Come build your stress management tool box.

Plantation Laughter Club
Laughter clubs take place in many different settings. Business spaces, fitness centers, schools, and community centers. Anyone in the community may participate in laughter clubs. A laughter session is organized around a laughter therapy program as a way to stay healthy, have fun and deal with stress.

The sessions are presented by laughter club leaders, who use a combination of visual aids, playful activities and laughter meditation, among other tools that stimulate the body and mind.

Join me biweekly for some laughter yoga.

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