John Wick: Chapter 2 Trailer

John Wick 2 Trailer! Yas!!!

I accidentally watched John Wick when it came out a couple of years ago. It was on a rare (extremely rare) date and since I am a forever Neo- I mean Keanu Reeves fan, I agreed to watch it. John Wick was gory with a pretty simple, been-there-done-that plot. Knuckle head, supposedly adult ticks off the wrong guy, on the wrong day and causes John Wick to be out for revenge, killing everyone that gets in his way. I enjoyed every bit of it. So, when the trailer for John Wick: Chapter 2 came out, I was already planning to see it. In my mind, I will actually get to the movies but in reality, if it is rated R, I probably won't make it unless by some miracle, I land another date by 2017.

Do not let the annoying voice over of the new trailer deter you from checking out it. Looks like there will still be quite a bit of unnecessary killing with bigger guns and a lot more people. Add Morpheus - I mean Laurence Fishburne (has he been in hiding or is it just me?) to the mix and things are definitely looking interesting. Lastly, I am really glad that Common is getting steady work. I just hope he gets more than 2 minutes unlike Suicide Squad.

Oh, and Lionsgate, a teaser trailer is not over one minute long ... IJS, not complaining.


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