Podcast: 98 Best Sci-Fi Movies from Looper: Part 1 98-70

Listen to the podcast here or scroll down.

Independence Day, my favorite from the list so far

Looper released a list of the top 98 sci-fi movies of all time and we need to discuss. First of all, how many of these movies have you seen? So far out of 28, I have seen 11 of them. So maybe my sci-fi card is safe. This is Part 1: 98-70 of the list.

3:44 Stress management tip: benefits of reading

4:44 Looper article

5:33 98-96 Zardoz, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, The Mitchells vs. The Machines

7:29 Demolition Man

10:45 Independence Day and Donnie Darko

13:30 The Martian

15:50 Fast Color

18:20 Interstellar

20:09 Dredd

27:14 Contact

29:00 Cloud Atlas

30:10 10 Cloverfield Lane

32:20 Little Shop of Horrors

35:00 Men In Black

36:25 Gravity


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