Be Intentional Always

Be Intentional Always
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I stopped being intentional and it shows. I feel the effects in my life. I see the effects. There is a big difference in how I go about living when I practice being intentional. When I give thought to what I want out of my day. Not in the sense of checking off a to-do list but more in the sense of what I want to get out of the day. 

"Being Intentional means making deliberate choices to reflect what is most important to us. Becoming intentional can help us maintain a positive mindset, reach goals, experience more clarity, and be more present. It can also increase our focus and commitment and bring more purpose and meaning to our lives." 

When I am not being intentional, I feel like I'm just going through the paves of life. Moving aimlessly from one thing to the next. Wandering but not living. I think the most interesting part of how I feel is that I'm taking life for granted. Instead of living in the moment, I am letting them pass me by. Life becomes a blur. 

Listen to the podcast below
1:00 When being intentional stops
2:00 What is being intentional
4:15 How can being intentional improve your life
4:29 Being on auto-pilot
8:50 Journaling
10:05 Why being intentional is important
16:30 Skills for Intentional Living
22:35 10 More ways to be more intentional
32:13 Digital detox


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