Trailer Talk: Trap Movie

Trap Trailer Talk

Trap trailer was released in late April and I am intrigued. I have not really been that excited about a trailer in a long time. I actually have not even been that thrilled about the latest movie releases. But this trailer caught my interest even though I still have not forgiven M. Night Shyamalan for butchering The Last Airbender. I know it was 14 years ago but still. Honestly, his last few movies have been fairly decent in my opinion. Knock at the Cabin was riveting; Old was interesting enough to keep me watching till the end; and Glass was a fun watch. 

The Trap trailer introduces us to a loving dad taking his daughter to a popular concert. Only the concert isn’t just a concert. It is a “trap” set to catch a diabolical serial killer, which, from the trailer, is non other than the doting father, himself. I read that some people were confused because the trailer appeared to give away the twist but being that it’s M. Night Shyamalan, I can bet that little bit of information is not the main twist. That is what has me even more interested in giving the movie a watch. In addition, it is starring Josh Harnet who I feel like I have not seen in a project in quite some time. 

Check out the trailer. Are you interested in watching this?


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