Madame Web Weaved a Disaster

Madame Web

A few weekends ago there were quite a number of people at the theaters. My daughter and I have been going to the movies at least once a month for some time now and we are usually one of few in attendance. Most of the time we have the entire movie theater to ourselves, even on the opening night of a popular new movie. However, this weekend the theater was unusually busy. It almost reminded me of prepandemic movie days. Interestingly, I knew that the people were not there to see Madame Web. I asked the attendant and she said most people were there to see the new Bob Marley movie, although the reviews that I have been reading and hearing about are not that great for that film either. 

We went to see Madame Web. Sigh … I don’t know where to begin. Okay, so, it wasn’t terrible like the 13% on Rotten Tomatoes suggests. It was not very good either but it wasn’t terrible. 

Madame Web stars Dakota Johnson as the main character, Sydnye Sweeney as Julian Carpenter, Celeste O’Conner as Mattie Franklin, Isablea Maerced as Anya Corazon, and Adam Scott as Ben Parker. I liked the casting on this one. They seemed to have pretty good chemistry together for what was required of them. Some people find Dakota Johnson a little awkward and peculiar, but I find her quirkiness endearing for some reason. I liked her as Madame Web. 

Madame Web follows Cassandra Web (played by Dakota Johnson) whose death while saving someone in her line of duty as a paramedic activated her precognitive powers when she is brought back to life after a round of CPR. She then starts to have what she thinks are Deja Vu moments but are actually her glimpses into the future. Cassandra finds herself as a hesitant protector of three young high school girls after witnessing their future deaths at the hands of Ezekiel.  

The acting was decent. The production quality, I thought, was well done. I enjoyed the music choices for the score. I enjoyed Tahar Rahim as the villain, Ezekiel. The pacing was not too bad either. So what was wrong with the movie? Sigh … the writing was pretty bad. I thought the storyline had promise but ultimately the writing, plot holes, and how it came together failed. Actually, it did not come together. It was too forced and contrived. Again, the movie was not terrible but it was not good. I know I have said that before but it is really the best I could do. 

I think we could have done without a Madame Web story altogether. Maybe if it was better executed, that would not have been my conclusion but it was not. It seems they wanted to kick off another franchise and the potential was there but this first step into it failed to convince me and fans that it is worth the effort. There were some rumblings of a sequel and being the entertainment industry, they may take another stab at it. For it to have a chance at working they will need to get rid of the writers and try it again with a better-executed story. 

5/10 Madame Web on IMDB

No spoilers because there is not much else worth discussing.


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