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The Killer

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You all know it is kind of weird for me not to recommend a movie. It takes a great deal for me to not like a movie for the most part. The movie has to be really bad on all accounts for me to absolutely give it a bad review. So, I am half recommending this movie and half not recommending it, leaning heavily on the not part. 

The Killer popped on my Netflix movie list as number one this week and since I have enjoyed Michael Fassbender as Magneto from the X-men movies (that’s all I remember seeing him in honestly), I was like let me watch this. It’s about an assassin that is on a mission to get revenge so how bad could it be? Not to mention it has pretty good reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, Google users, and IMDB. 

The Killer starring Micahel Fassbender, Sophia Charlotte, Charles Parnell, and Tilda Swinton is about a killer, played by Fassbender, who messes up a job. He basically misses his mark and, of course, you can’t get away without any repercussions when that happens. He gets pissed because they tried to deal with the situation by hurting someone he loves and is out to get revenge. 

If you are expecting a fast-paced, action-packed, adrenaline-pumping movie, skip this one. I do not recommend it. However, if you are looking for a Jonwick meets long prose poetry with a slow, and I mean slow, burn then this is the movie for you. It took a while to build up to something I wanted to keep watching. I almost did not make it but, I am pleased that I did. All the elements of a good movie are there. The acting is solid. Fassbender is spot on with what I thought they wanted him to bring to the character. He is aloof, chilling, and stoic which from his prose is what one would expect. Everyone else was on point. Solid casting and solid acting. 

Now, pacing is my thing right. It is the most basic thing that a viewer who is not an expert critic (which I’m not) can understand. Either it moves along at the right pace to keep your attention and interest or it does not. Again, it started off really slow but once the story developed and I accepted that it was not an action-packed thriller, I thought it was well done. My mind settled and enjoyed the pops of crazy more than I anticipated. The choreography for the fight scenes was well done and at one point had my jaw open in a good way. At first, I took issue with the plot and writing but a little after the middle, parts of it made sense and I understood why they took the approach they did although it was left to some speculation on my part. Sometimes movies can get away with letting the viewer fill in their own blanks. Again all the elements were there for this to be a pretty good movie. 

Rating 6.5/10


Now if you watched this or don’t mind spoilers there are just a couple of things I need to mention in no particular order of bafflement. 

  • How does an expert killer who spends all this time going on and on and on about the particulars of killing miss when he had plenty of opportunity? Plenty!

  • I don’t ever EVER want to be so in love that when someone is beating my ass, all I am thinking of is the safety of the reason they are beating my ass. No. Keep that kind of love, talking about his girlfriend Madgala

  • It is always a pleasure seeing Tilda Swinton in a movie. She brings something different in my opinion. It was her meeting that helped clarify and plug what I thought were plot holes. 

  • And the unmitigated gall and audacity of the rich arrogant jerk who actually hired the firm’s services to think that when the Killer came to his house it was because he wanted to clear the air or ensure that he was okay with everything is wild to me but so accurate. 

  • The killer was ruthless even though they attempted to show his humanity, he was a terrible person because he did not have to kill that cab driver

  • Last thought, I do love a happy ending but sir, you are not going to live in paradise with your scarred girlfriend after the mess you just pulled off. I am not buying it. 


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