Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Let’s Talk About it

 Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Let’s Talk About it

I am so upset with this movie and that is most likely because I had no idea what I was getting into. I watch one teaser trailer. One. I also did not realize that there were no post-credit scenes and I actually understand why but man on man am I so mad. I will let you know why but it will be in the spoiler section because we have got to talk about it. 

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is killing it at the box office. Over the weekend alone it made over 120 million with great critic reviews. The raves are well worth it. I am not upset with the movie because it was bad. The animated film featuring Mile Moralis as the newest spider-bitten superhero is a great movie. The graphic design, especially in the beginning, was gritty and raw, making things feel more organic which was a great way to open up. I enjoyed the opening scene before we really dove into the story. There was a build of intrigue as to why are we going in this direction. It also gave some insight into Gwen Stacy that tied well with the story. 

The music selection, like the first movie, is well suited to what is happening but has a pleasing variety. Most of all the storyline and flow of it all came together well. But … but … was I the only one that was getting minute men and Kang the Conqueror vibes? Just me? Ok fine. All in all, I enjoyed this so much. I did not find any pacing issues and thought the story flowed very well. I loved the Childish Gambino cameo, well all the cameos and clips that brought other universes together. 

There were so many details, nuances, and little things that brought it all together. All those little nuggets and easter eggs came together to make it not only entertaining but interesting, and intriguing and left me wanting more. I have not given a movie a 10 in forever but this one gets a 10/10. 

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse 10/10


Gwen Stacy played by Hailee Steinfeld showed a different side of herself that I enjoyed. She was vulnerable more so than the usual Spidermen are shown to be. I enjoyed that insight. Even when she joined Muguel’s team, she still had a level of exposure that put her in a difficult place. It was important because it showed how much Miles meant to her when she broke the rules to go see him. Of course, this was one of the factors that contributed to her missing the Spot.

Miles Morales played by Shameik Moore is one teen character that I actually like. Typically, I am not a fan of young characters because they make stupid choices and get on my nerves. However, I can appreciate Miles because he is really trying to hold it down and figure it all out at the same time. He is really trying to do right by his family and himself. It is just that he cannot manage to find balance. Gwen coming back and showing him what else is out there came at the right time. Ultimately, he might be my favorite Spiderman animated or not, 

Miguel O’Hara played by Oscar Isaac is not to be trusted. Clearly, by the end of the movie, we see him completely unhinged and unreasonable. I feel like there is more to him than meets the eye. I love the casting of Oscar Isaac though. It really fits. 

Jessica Drew played by Issa Rae was a nice surprise. I really had no idea who was in this film and I just love Jessica Drew and I love Issa Rae. There is something to be said about her loyalty. First, she was straight up with Gwen about her breaking the rules and what the consequences would be. Ultimately though she stayed true to what was right and to her mentee. 

But here is why I am big mad! I’m sitting there watching this movie and then it just ends. What do you mean we have to wait for another movie before we find out how Miles gets back to the Earth where his real parents are? After just finding out that this kid is in the wrong universe (Earth 42) and finding out that Miles 42 is actually the Prowler and seeing that Spot is about to kill his father, ya’ll just gonna stop everything right there. And then have the nerve not to give us any post-credit scenes. Big mad, I am (in my Yoda voice lol). 

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