Let's Talk Sukihana, Casamigos and Chevalier


Chevalier, starring Kelvin Harrison, Minnie Driver, and Ronke Adekoluejo, is on Hulu y'all! I dragged my daughter to watch this in the theaters with me and she was not feeling it. She told me that she was expecting to go to sleep. Sleep she did not because the movie was captivating and kept our interest. Honestly, the man was captivating and the way the story was told and the film was paced kept us interested. 

Chevalier follows the life of a real person who was born to a slave and a nobleman. Joseph Bologne was brought to London by his father to learn and be great because even as a young child, his father recognized the greatness in him. Among his many talents, being an accomplished violinist and formidable fencer were the most popular and widely known. 

There is romance, drama, tension, foolish choices, and tragedy that kept the story going. I cannot imagine the confidence, arrogance, and boldness, he must have had to accomplish what he did in such a time. The acting was very well done as well as the costume and musical arrangement. It is worth taking the time to watch on Hulu. 

Chevalier 8

We also talk about the Casamigos joint and Sukinana on the podcast.


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