Jonathan Majors is Back in the Hot Seat

Jonathan Majors is back in the hot seat

So I have been biting my tongue on this whole Jonathan Majors thing since the whole drama happened with him getting arrested for alleged domestic abuse with his ex-girlfriend. In the meantime, I have thoroughly, when I tell you thoroughly, I mean thoroughly enjoyed his acting skills in Creed III and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. He was phenomenal in both roles. As far as Antman, he was the highlight and I had been waiting to see him in that role ever since watching the Loki series on Disney+. 

Therefore you can imagine my disappointment when all this drama came out about him getting arrested. I did not want to believe it because, frankly, I was not interested in witnessing another brother’s downfall. But when his lawyer put out those terrible text messages which she thought were supposed to make him look good and they absolutely did not, I was like wait a minute. This is fishy, but I’m going to wait. 

Then … and then, he started popping up with Meagan Goode and I was like WHAT! What in the hot blazing sun is going on here? I am not going to lie, I thought it was one of those Hollywood fake relationships things. Then I thought, do they really do those for Black folk though? Like for real for real black folk because Meagan is a sister-friend. 

All in all, everything seemed a little suspicious. Almost as if he was trying to get back into to black folk's good graces after stepping out with a white girl. Because they can always come back home and we, most of the time always support them. So I was thinking dang. This is some type of Hollywood damage control. Still, I was holding off. Because if Ezra can play Flash and he is all types of wrong, then Jonathan can darn sure play Kang because he was made for that role. 

But today this Insider article drops and I was like why the heck didn’t yall lead with this information for the court of public opinion before his representation started dropping him like flies? Because the tea is piping hot and it does not look good on the ex-girlfriend. We will dive into the article on the podcast but I have it linked here for your reading pleasure. I also feel a lawsuit coming on for the NYPD. They messed with the wrong negro, player and I am here to see them pay for it. 

Side note Meagan is a good addition to Mr. Majors but she gotta J-Lo (you know how she cleaned up Ben again) him up because he’s walking around looking too frumpy. 

Insider article


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