Affirmation and Journal Prompt: I am growing through every experience

Affirmation: I am growing through every experience. 

Journal prompt as it relates to the above: I am most proud of my ...

Growth is part of our life's journey. When you start out your energies are focused on growing physically, developmentally, and cognitively. As we grow older into adulthood and maturity we then have to grow emotionally and mentally. Sometimes it is hard to do that if we fail to understand the importance of working through our emotions in order to learn from them and resolve them. 

In many instances, some of us spend more time running from uncomfortable feelings in which we choose to mask them because it seems easier. However, the more we run the more difficult it becomes to deal with them and we are left with a life we do not recognize because we are trying to find other ways to cope with the consequences of our feelings. 

A simple place to start is to write them down. Journal through them as it can help you prioritize your difficult feelings and reflect upon them. 

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