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You People

You People was released on streaming giant Netflix this week with mixed reviews. Okay, so they are not really mixed reviews. Most people sort of kinda hated it. It received a 43% on Rotten Tomatoes and 5.6 from IMDb users. My rating is forthcoming but I did not hate it. The star-studded cast did not disappoint in the delivery of the material even though most of the critique the film received was actually for the material, mainly the story itself. 

Here is the thing. This is a romance, more specifically a romantic comedy (romcom). I have been reading romance novels ever since I can remember and watching this genre for the longest. It is one of my absolute favorite genres to watch. I am a hopeless romantic at heart and we expect certain things from a romance, the main one being a happy freaking ending. 

A basic romance film sticks to the formula most of the time. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, obstacles ensue, boy loses girl, and boy gets girl back. Period end of story. So I am not sure what people were expecting from You People. It was a basic, cheesy romcom and I for one enjoyed it like I enjoy watching holiday movies when they come out or Hallmark and Lifetime movies. This was that. If you are not into formulaic romantic comedies then this is not the movie for you. 

I know, I know, with a cast like Eddie Murphy, Jona Hill, Lauren London, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Nia Long, and David Duchovny the audience was expecting more. Regardless of what you thought of the material they were provided with, the actors delivered. I enjoyed each of them in their roles. Was this slap-your-leg funny? No, it was not. There were definitely moments when I laughed but it was not gut-wrenching funny. 

Now there was a lot going on which I thought was put together well considering how bad it could have gone. You People follows Ezra, who is from a Jewish family, as he navigates his new relationship with Amira, played by London, who is Muslim. Oh and if the difference in religion is not enough add in the complexities of being an interracial couple. That of course is Keyna Barris’ bag. 

Eddie Murphy was quite enjoyable in this, especially in the beginning. It reminded me of the more raw Eddie as opposed to the Dr. Do Little Eddie. He softened towards the end but I enjoyed his portrayal and the way he pulled it off. 

Jona Hill as Ezra was nothing to write home about. He was solid as should be expected. Check out the podcast where I detail why I actually do not like Ezra and how Amira annoyed me at times. London to was solid in her role. Nia Long, I rather enjoyed. I like the intensity of Amira’s parents yet they were both able to add some level of levity. Nia is stunning as always. 

Julia Louis Dreyfus and David Duchovny as Ezra’s parents were so cringe-worthy and it fit. I enjoyed both of them in their roles and Dreyfus played the heck out of her willfully and annoying obtuse character. Arnold, played by Duchovny, was so ridiculous I would not have been surprised if it was revealed that he was actually high the entire time. 

You People 7/10

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