Let's Talk Black Mermaid

 Let’s Talk Black Mermaid

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Did someone mention a black mermaid? Of course, they did. That is all everyone is talking about because Disney dropped the teaser trailer with Halle Bailey as Ariel. I am here for all of it. There is so much to be said regarding the vitriol being directed her way but I am going to steer away from it because the haters gonna hate. The Little Mermaid is one of my favorite Disney princess stories and I am looking forward to watching Halle Bailey take over the role. Not only that I am so looking forward to watching her career blossom. She is a beautiful and super talented young lady who will only continue to rise from this. 

Black mermaids though! Yes, let’s talk about that. Skin of the Sea written by Natasha Bowen is all about black mermaids. Skin of the Sea follows Simidele (Simi), a young girl who prayed and was turned into a mermaid by an Orisha, as she scavenges the sea to save souls lost to the slave trade. Except, one day she saves not a soul but an actual person who was not quite dead, breaking an unspoken rule that she now must go on a journey to save her kind and maybe the fate of her people. 

Natasha Bowen’s writing in the novel is poetic and graceful. The imagery and character build are beautifully crafted. At times, I felt like I was on an adventure with them. However, this also made it a difficult read for me. The excitement and action and thrill were a joy to read but there was also pain. Bowen’s words flowed so smoothly and efficiently that they pulled you completely into the story and that also had things sneak up on you. At times, my spirit felt the pain and that was hard. Simi is a phenomenal character. She is vulnerable yet powerful at the same time. Her spirit and conviction to do what’s right are strengths and what got her into trouble in the first place. 

Full disclosure, I partially only read this book because of the cover. I hesitate to read books about slavery that will get me in my feels but the cover though! I am glad I read it and looking forward to the second installment, Soul of the Deep, set to release at the end of September 2022. 

Now the cover for Skin of the Sea is beautiful and ethereal with a hint of innocence that is spot on especially after reading the book. In comparison, the cover for Soul of the Deep is grown grown! I do not know what is in store but Simi has that come on and try me look while being sexy at the same time. So, again, the cover already has me curious about how this follow-up is going to go down.

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