We Deserve Better than what We Allow

We Deserve Better than what We Allow

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we realize that we deserve better than what we have been allowing ourselves to get. Let’s talk about my podcasting, for example, I realize the microphone and equipment that I purchased are crappy. This is my second go around at it too. The first one I purchased was a dud right off the start but I waited too long to address the issue so I am stuck with it- money lost. I decided to get another one that appeared easier to use; however, the sound quality on the new microphone sucks. I deserve better than sucky sound quality. You as my listeners deserve better than sucky sound quality. 

So now I have to take some more steps that I really don’t have the time for nor do I want to. I have to plan out how I am going to address this. Do research into getting a better quality product that will provide sound quality that is up to my standards and take action to make it happen. It takes effort and action and motivation to push yourself past the comfort zone. But we have to because we deserve better than to be someplace or in a situation where the end result is crappy. 

We have to get the strength and energy to keep going in order to improve upon ourselves or our situation. If it is not adding value to my spirit, my family, and my joy, then the situation needs to be amended because we deserve better than mediocracy. Remember to assess your values and stay true to what’s important to you. Working towards a goal gives life and although it may cause some stress that is good stress that gives our life texture and vibrancy to get to the next level. 


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