The Revival of Self: A follow up to Missing

The Revival of Self

I write cinquain poems. Granted I have not written any in a while but they are one of my favorite styles of poetry to dabble in. A cinquain is a five-line poem with specific syllable requirements for each line similar to a haiku. Every now and then one will pop up on my blog with increased views. Most recently, one that I wrote titled Missing has increased views. 

I don’t remember the exact circumstance at that particular time that caused me to write it, but I know what it stemmed from. It was a quick note to my late husband who I had traumatically lost nine years prior. Nine years later and I was still writing notes to him? Heck, 13 years later and I still write journal entries to or about him. Being a widow is funny like that. 

The words of it struck and stuck with me though. Loss is one of the most difficult and stressful situations that we can go through. We can lose ourselves in the grief of loss. We have this ability to create an environment of loss and then just sit in it. Even when life is passing us by or we look like we are actively engaged, we can be sitting still, in that space of loss. Healing from loss is no small feat; if you have or are in the process, I commend you. 

Please understand that I am not only talking about the loss of a loved one but also the loss of self or anything we hold dear. The loss of who we once were, the loss of a limb, the loss of safety and security. Keep in mind that the loss of a loved one can sometimes encompass and create ripples of other losses in one’s life. In the aftermath of the loss, we can feel broken and in a fog ourselves that time alone cannot heal. 

I needed to write a follow-up to Missing because I do not want to leave my readers in a despondent space. The reality is that there are times when we will feel broken, but staying in that broken place is not an option. Healing and growing are the only alternatives. There is a revival of who you once were, and although that person may feel a bit different, or react a bit differently they are still you. They are the you that always was. They are the you that have learned to adapt. They are the you that wakes up every day and lives life even when you may want to simply stay in bed. They are the you that you are reclaiming. 


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